TIFF Nexus: Peripherals Initiative

Panel Moderator

TIFF Light Box, 2011

I moderated the Peripherals Initiative panel that was a part of the TIFF Nexus research day at Digifest 2011. Panelists: Tom Igoe (NYU, ITP), David Bouchard (Ryerson, New Media), Emilie McGinley (BigPants Studio, Hand-eye Society).


Common Pulse: Artist in the Lab

Boundary Layers

Durham, ON. July 2011

Discussed my creative practise in relation to my history as a behavioural ecologist. Examined relationships between art, science, engineering and design as well as the structure and historical framings of research labs and artist's studios.


Subtle Technologies

Towards Robot Ecologies

Toronto, June 2011

Presented a brief artist talk situating my piece sessile (part of the subtle technologies synsoma exhibition) in relation to creative interface design and the scientific thinking that informs the work. Had the honour of sharing this panel with Robyn Moody


Elektra12: IMDA

Towards Robot Ecologies

Montreal, Canada, May 2011

Presented a brief artist talk situating my piece sessile which was included in the Elektra_12 exhibition at Eastern Bloc (Montreal).


Ottawa Art Gallery

livingEffect Panel

OAG, Ottawa, Canada, 2011

Presented a brief artist talk situating my piece sessile which was included in theLivingEffect at the Ottawa Art Gallery. This show was presented in conjunction with Electric Fields festival.


GOSH! Grounding Open Source Hardware.

Stone's Throw. Skipping data with off-the-grid networks.

The Banff Centre, Banff, Canada, July 2009.

Stone's Throw is a high-speed relatively low-capacity, off-the-grid DIY network. The hardware for the system is based on the Arduino microcontroller platform and Xbee radios. An integrated software library for the Arduino platform has also been developed. I also led a workshop on the system during the conference.


Dorkbot, Toronto

Robot Ecologies

InterAccess, Toronto, April 2009

I gave an artist talk about recent works and future projects. (Image from Braitenburg). Also presenting that night was Jessica Field.


Artspace, Main Gallery

Homologies (solo show)

Peterborough, October 2008.

I gave an artist talk in association with the opening of my solo show, Homologies.


Futuresonic 2008: Urban Festival of Art Music and Ideas

Transforming Urban Flow

Manchester, UK, May 1-5

As a part of the musical interfaces panel I presented a summary of my networked collaborative projects. I discussed how netwroked objects could be used to reshape public space. This talk was framed by my colaborative work All my Friends At Once and Stone's Throw. The latter is a project conceptualized as an open source, “off-the-grid” network to facilitate the production of social devices that are independent of corporate service provider networks.


Together Elsewhere: Toronto/Montreal/Lille

A Space Between

Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada. 2008

I discussed how networks affect the experience of space and time when utilized in telematic contexts. Historically telematic art works were desribed as collapsing and unify disperate spaces. However, the collection of events I have produced since 2005 suggest that these spaces does not simply collapse. Generating contiguous space through real-time networks merges creative communities, juxtaposes users’ bodies, and transforms space into a distinct hybrid reality.


Mobile Nations: Creating Methodologies for Mobile Platforms

The Mobilization of Art Practice: Body Metaphors and the Desktop Worldview

OCAD, Toronto, Canada. 2007

Using Simon Penny's Engineering World View Article as a point of departure, I examined deeply engrained assumptions about computers, interface and mobilty. In particular I questioned the pervasive aspects of the desktop metaphore in mobile devices. I reflected on this model in the context of netwroked spaces and DIY interface projects I have been recently making.
Article is available in the book Mobile Nations.


Digifest: Mods Panel

When function follows form: Dumpster Diving and Other Pursuits

Design Exchange. Toronto, Canada. 2006.

I gave an artist talk contextualizing the distance between degrees with respect to my recent works. I discussed the role of dumpsterdiving and working at the trainling edge of technology as sources of inspiration. The methodological relationships between the distance, MRI Barbie and synergy were discussed.

Presented as a part of the New Voices program.


OSC/Digifest: Creative Mapping in Art Panel

Mapping the Difference between Degrees

Ontario Science Centre. Toronto, Canada. 2006.

Artist talk describing the conceptual and technical layers of mapping involved in creating the distance between degrees. Distance is a hacked etch-a-sketch that provides digital an analog user interfaces to a Mac paint emulation. Systems that force the convergence of digtal and physical spaces create an interesting friction between topologic and topographic space. These mappings are rich with creative potential.