Networked Events



Media Walls


Working with resident artist David Rokeby, in partnership with Doina Popescu, Director Ryerson Image Centre and Ryerson Faculty David Bouchard we are developing a series of large scale interactive public interfaces to the Image Center's media wall and the LED facade. Funded by the Canada Council for the Arts New Media Residency Program, The Ryerson Image Centre and Ryerson University.


white light

2010, 2011

White Light is a series of new dance works that I developed in collaboration with Choreographer Bill James. Working with James and dancers Robert Kingsbury and Brian Solomon I created interactive graphics and wearable drawing systems that respond to and are controlled by the dancers movements.




sessile is a colony of kinetic but non-motile pods that respond to changes in ambient light levels by opening and closing their limbs. Although individuals share a common form each reacts to environmental change in subtly different and often surprising ways.

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Wii Hacks

2009, 2012

"I would like to propose the creation of a world. This world is inhabited by two kinds of organisms, motes and chucks. These organisms are similar in many respects, but different in fundamental ways. Motes can see their world. They explore, learn and understand their habitat principally through sight [...]. Chucks on the other hand lack vision [...] they scour across surfaces and develop a world view through the experience of tumbling, falling, tipping. "

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stone's throw

2009, ongoing.

stone’s throw begins with the image of overlapping rings that arise from the childhood act of skipping of stones on the surface of a pond. Skipping stones transforms water into a medium, memory and fabric that supports, reflects and displays the consequence of play.

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2007, ongoing

whimsy is a swarm of eight physically identical 2-wheeled robots that I developed to explore simple behavioural rule systems (Braitenburg vehicles) in an embodied context. The vehicles (whimsy) are usually deployed in two forms, identifiable by wheel color, that are programmed with simple sensor-actuator routing rules and realtime feedback systems. Distinct relationships between vehicle-types and with their environment are immediately identifiable. Research Assistant: Tylor Robb

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Part confessional, part message board, part soapbox, anaBlog is a DIY network that stands at the intersections of private and public space, personal and community standards, revelation and surveillance, graffiti and communication, vandalism and intervention. The automated clothesline of anaBlog provides pedestrians in Peterborough's downtown core the opportunity to air their dirty laundry.

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the distance between degrees


the distance between degrees juxtaposes the relentless scratching of an etch-a-sketch stylus with the apparent fluidity of digital drawing software in an effort to interrogate the boundary between physical and virtual space. My expectation was that the scribed lines on the etch-a-sketch screen would act as a window to the various ways that our passage into and out of virtual space is controlled by assumptions embedded in interface design.

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Complimentary Opposites


Complimentary Opposites is an interactive installation that reflects upon the proliferation of genetically modified organism (GMOs) in contemporary western food supplies. The work presents an environment in which that act of food production is brought into contact with the invisible processes of genetic modification. Viewers bodies act simultaneously as unknown sites of intervention and actors facilitating the process.

Interaccess Emerging Artist Award (2003)


MRI Barbie


MRI Barbie is an interactive system that allows users to view medical scans of a barbie doll. It was developed in response to a news item that described the intention of a private medical clinic in Alberta (Canada) to offer full body MRI scans as a form of family portraiture (for a fee). Well, who other than barbie would need such an image?




synergy is my first interactive and electronic work. It is a musical instrument (of sorts) that is played simultaneously by three people. Each player can influence the sound, but the structure prevents individuals from gaining unilateral control. In addition to the sonic qualities, synergy encourages dialog among participants.


Networked Events

2005 - 2011

Since 2005 I have coordinated a number of tele-connected art events that have taken place at a variety of locations across the GTA. For students in the New Media program at Ryerson this annual event is an opportunity to develop a publicly presented work before entering their final thesis year. For students from other institutions, we strive to create a collaborative and distributed event the provides a novel context for creating work.

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God Willing,
it Will All-Stop Soon


I led a team of New Media students through the design and construction of a dancing robot for the annual SUMO robot challenge. Aesthetically informed by award winning architect Will Alsop's then recent re-design of OCAD's campus the bot and dancers came decked as colorfully legged Dalmatians. The team and robot proved they could dance and came home the Dancer Class Champions.

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